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Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

The national flag of Canada

Canadian flag

Canada flag dimensions

canadian flag dimensions

Canada flag images

canada flag title image

Canada flag images

Canadian flag facts

The Red Ensign was used prior to the adoption of the Maple Leaf flag and the Red Ensign was not standardised until 1921 when there were at least six different versoins of the flg in use. 

picture of canadian flag | canada flag image
picture of canadian flag | canada flag image

Canadian flag facts

During the Suez Crisis of 1956, the Egyptian government objected to having Canadian peace keeping forces in the country as they wore the Canadian flag at the time, the red ensign, as seen below. This was thought to be too similar to the Union Jack of the UK who were deeply unpopular in Egypt at that time. 

The Canadian Red Ensign served as the flag of Canada from 1957 - 1965. 

Colour in Canadian flag

colour in canadian flag

This colour in flag template comes in three versions, all downloaded in the same document. The first page has a title at the top of the colour in Canada flag template. The second template gives a large white border to the flag and the third template allows you to colour right up to the edge of the page. Click on the link below to download the document.

Canada flag bunting - Printable

printable bunting - Canada flag | free printables - Canada flag

To download - click on the bunting image.

Free to print off and use in schools and at home

Adopted in 1965, the flag of Canada, also known as the Maple leaf, was brought into being to bring a distinctive Canadian feel to the flag. Previously, the Canadian Red Ensign had been used which contains the Union flag of the UK. The flag first flew on February 15, 1965, a date which is now known in Canada as National Flag of Canada Day. It has an 11 pointed maple leaf at its centre and it is twice as long as it is wide.


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