A collection of flags from around the world. Do you want to know what  a flag looks like for your homework? For your project? For your lesson? Why not browse here and see what the flag looks like and make your project complete.

Algeria flag

Australia flag

Bangladesh flag

Argentina flag

Austria flag

Belgium flag

Bolivia flag

Canada flag

Brazil flag

Chile flag

Cameroon flag

China flag

Columbia flag

Democratic Republic of Congo flag

Costa Rica flag

Croatia flag

Cuba flag

Czech Republic flag

Denmark flag

Ecuador flag

Egypt flag

England flag

France flag

Ethiopia flag

Germany flag

Ghana flag

Hong Kong flag

Greece flag

India flag

Honduras flag

Indonesia flag

Iran flag

Iraq flag

Ireland flag

Italy flag

Ivory Coast flag

Japan flag


Who are we? 

A group of teachers with one thing in common - we all have a passion for the subject of Geography. Through collecting great examples of bringing the subject alive, and sharing them on this website, we aim to develop a love for the subject of Geography in children around the world. 

What can I use?
All the pdf documents available to use on this website are free to use for educational purposes. They are not to be resold. The images used in this website are provided by shutterstock.com. Occasionally we have used an image from the internet. Where this occurs, the photo links directly through to the website it came from.

© 2014 by 3D Geography.

Share your thoughts!

Got any ideas that you would like to see us include or have you got any suggestions on topics that you would like us to find resources for? Then please contact us with your suggestions and comments so that we can improve our website further. 


​Email : 3DGeographymodels@gmail.com

Great on a tablet PC!

We wanted our pupils to use their tablet PCs in our geography lessons but we found there was a shortage of good resources to use with them. So we started making web pages that can be used in lessons that were accessed through the tablet's browser. What do you think? How can we do this better? Drop us an email to let us know. 

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