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Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

The national flag of Australia

australia flag | flag of australia

Flag facts:  

 Two separate competitions to design a new flag for Australia were held and these competitions attracted many thousands of entrants. The two competitions decided to merge their entries into one competition and the winning design, was almost indentical to five different entries so the prize money of £200 was shared between five people. 

Australian flag images

australian flag picture | flag of australia
interesting australian flag image

Colour in Australian flag

colour in flag of australia

This colour in flag worksheet is of the Australian flag and is free to download and print off. 

Australia flag bunting - Printable

printable bunting - Australia flag | free printables -  Australia flag

To download - click on the bunting image.

Free to print off and use in schools and at home.

Australia's flag was adopted first in 1901. It contains the Union Jack of Great Britain, recognising its British heritage. Beneath the Union Jack is the Commonwealth star to show that Australia is part of the wider commonwealth of nations. To the right of this is the Southern Cross. A star constellation visible in Australia that has long represented the nation of Australia.


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