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The national flag of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

This is the official flag of the United Kingdom. It is called the Union Jack or the Union flag. 

The dimensions of the flag are 2:1. This means that it should be twice as wide as it is tall. 

The flags that are joined together to make the Union Jack



The flag of England known as the red cross of St George.

The flag of Scotland known as St Andrew's cross or the Saltire

The flag of Northern Ireland known as the red saltire of StPatrick.


The Union Jack or Union Flag is the national flag of the United Kingdom. It has been in use since 1801.

The flag of Wales, whilst well known throughout the UK, is a relatively new flag having been in use since 1959. 

It is said that the Union Jack is comprised of elements of the flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland but not Wales. This is not correct though because at the time of the Union Jack's creation, the cross of St George was used to represent both England and Wales.

Colour in UK flag

colour in uk flag
colour in uk flag
colour in british flag |

To download these colour in flags, click on the image and it will take you to the pdf versions of these flags for you to print off and colour in. 

Feeling creative? Why not make this UK flag you can eat.

Or how about this floral version of the Union Jack made from different pieces of material and ribbons?

12 pictures and 2 banners for use in class displays. 

british poster small size.jpg

UK flag

printable bunting

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UK images posters

The flag of the UK is officially called the Union Flag or the Union Jack. It became the official flag of the UK in 1801 when King George III made a royal proclamation. It combines the flags of England, Scotland and Ireland to make the one flag to represent the United Kingdom. Here you will find facts, images, colouring in sheets and information all about the UK flag. So read on to find out more. 


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