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outline map of new zealand | geography resources
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy


Outline map


Outline map

These outline maps of different countries are ideal for helping when teaching and learning about the Geography of these countries. You can use these outline maps to mark on the main cities / major rivers / principal mountain ranges of the respective countries. You can use them to climate patterns or weather charts. They make a good basic template from which to make choropleth maps.

outline map of ireland | blank map of ireland
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
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Russia Outline map

Singapore Outline map

These free outline maps of Austria and Bangladesh can be used in a geography lesson on population distribution with pupils shading on the densely populated areas. They can also be used by pupils to show the distribution of specific industries or sources of raw materials. Primary transport routes can be marked on illustrating, for example, the importance of the coastal regions or primary cities.

South Africa

Outline map

South Korea

Outline map

These outline maps of countries are high quality and high resolution so that they do not look pixelated when you print them at home or in school. They make a valuable teaching tool when studying and learning about Geography. 

Outline map of Spain

Outline map of Sri Lanka


Outline map


Outline map

Outline map of Sweden


Outline map

Outline map of Trinidad and Tobago

Outline map of Tunisia

Outline map of Turkey

Outline map

of the UAE


Outline map

Outline map of Ukraine

Outline map of the USA

Outline map of the USA


Outline map

There often comes a need when studying geography that you need a blank map of a particular area to show the location of a feature you are studying, or to highlight a particular skill or concept. Although actually finding a blank map is not always easy. So search no further as we have a range of blank maps which you can use in school in your geography lessons or at home in your study.  


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