Mount Kenya

is the tallest mountain in Kenya.

Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Outline map of Kenya

blank map of kenya for kids

This blank map of Kenya can be used for a variety of Geography activities. For example, you can mark on the major cities, mountain ranges or rivers.

blank map of kenya | geography resources

Relief map of Kenya

relief map of kenya for kids | map of rivers of kenya

This map shows the height of the land and when seen in conjunction with a rainfall map of Kenya for example, it is easy to see that the highlands are the most fertile parts of Kenya.

printable map of kenya

Satellite map of Kenya

kenya map for kids | kenya map

This map has an image of Kenya taken from space making it easy to determine the different climatic regions.

printable satellite image of kenya

Kenya textbook

All About Kenya

All about Kenya

Political map of Kenya

map of kenya for kids | download map of kenya | free map of kenya for schools

This map of Kenya is a detailed map complete with neighbouring countries, cities, airports and regions. You can also see the National Parks marked on the map.

printable map of kenya

Population density

map of Kenya

map of kenya for kids | download map of kenya | free map of kenya for schools

This map of Kenya shows the location of the sparsely populated and the densely populated areas. You can see that there is a large population near Lake Victoria. 

printable map of kenya


When studying about the country of Kenya, a use of maps is essential and we have collected a wide range of maps for use in the teaching of and learning about the geography of Kenya. These Kenya maps are all free to use, download and print off. We have included a blank map of Kenya and maps which show Kenya as seen from space. These Kenya maps are a great learning tool when learning about Kenya.
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