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Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

World earthquake map

In these two maps, the relationship between tectonic plate boundary and earthquake occurance is clear. Using an atlas and a high quality version of this map above, you can identify countries where earthquakes rarely occur and countries which have a high incidence rate of earthquakes.

Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Earthquake distribution map of the world

Live map of recent earthquakes

The Iris Earthquake browser displays the most recent earthquakes in a requested region. The map is updated regularly and zoomable allowing you to close in on a specific region to see the earthquakes that have taken place in a particular place. The Iris Earthquake browser can be found here

Maps of specific earthquake regions

Japan - There is a strong link between plate boundaries and earthquakes and Japan sits on three tectonic plates making it a particularly active tectonic zone. 

North East Pacific  - Here we can see the tectonic action taking place underneath the surface in the Seattle/Vancouver region. 

earthquake map

Earthquake map showing frequency per country

Earthquake map showing economic losses

Most earthquakes occur along plate boundaries and the relationship between earthquake occurance and plate boundary can be seen most clearly in the maps shown below. There are earthquakes which occur away from a plate boundary occur along fault lines in the tectonic plates. Earthquakes can also occur where the tectonic plates face stresses due to sedimentary loading and unloading (e.g. deglaciation). 


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